Content Creation: Part 1

This week, we had a discussion in class about content creation. We all agreed that everything you do, see and hear online is content. For example, if I write a status on Facebook ©, this is content that everyone can see. Everyone, mostly, because when you upload a picture, or write a status, that never gets taken offline. It’s stays on the internet even if you delete it because you have given Facebook © permission to put that content there.

I then asked would kindle be a type of content. However, I now realize that this would be a medium through which content is conveyed because it is like a laptop… you use it to see the content on the page, or write a blog(which I am doing right now). Yet, mediums are useful because how else would we see content online. You can’t get everything from reading a book or watching television.

So then Inish talked about how she makes t-shirts with two other people, who work in real life(RL) and use their skills from real life and put them into second life(SL), so that they can make money to keep going in SL. However, since Inish and her co-workers had to build a shop in SL ( store in SL. ) so that it would be like a RL community, if some day they wanted to sell that place and move to another location, do they have the rights of that building, since they did build it, or does it belong to the creators of SL?

When I read the reading for this week; Thoughtful blog post, it didn’t really give me a whole lot of information on if it’s the creators of the website’s building or the avatars who built it. That’s because it is still unclear about whether SL has merged with RL. I don’t think it has, therefore the building that the avatars build or the land that they build on isn’t actually theirs, it belongs to the creators of  SL.

It is also hard to create a new licence agreement for everyone because it is unfair then as the previous people who have applied to VE’s before new ones haven’t gone by these rules before and may protest.

The comment were quite interesting. It raised some interesting issues on things like, is it good that SL are continuously changing their terms and conditions? The blog writer would write back what she thought about the question and she made some very good points that it is not the avatars land, it is the actual sites land, therefore they can change the policies if they feel like it.

After this discussion, we went to Lauk’s nest. It was amazing! It was constructed in 2004 and is one of the oldest place in SL. It has had a series of owners when Lauk gave it up.Present owner is Eliana Zaytsev(I hope I’ve spelled that right). There have been modifications to Lauk’s nest but not many. I ask the question, can we do that as it is not technically our property? We don’t have a legal document saying that this land is ours to do what we want with it. Yet some how, people do! It isn’t a flaw in the system, it’s just that there isn’t any system in place for VE’s at this moment in time. The question is, do we need one? I’ll let you all figure that one out for yourselves, as there is such a debate on it.


Ace 🙂